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Monday, March 26, 2007
  Ek Duje Ke Liye images
Was on a movie-watching spree the past few weeks and half-heartedly rented Ek Duje Ke Liye. Now a Bollywood movie with a story like EDKL would not really seem to be cut out for today's age and more so if you happen to watch it alongwith a crop of very good tamil and mallu flicks . However I didn't return the disc midway as I'd expected and ended up fairly liking it till the end.

Ek Duje Ke Liye was released the 5th June 1981 and it marked the first foray of Balachander, Kamal and SPB into Bollywood(Out of academic interest, one might add Anuradha Sriram to the list). KB made it an eminently watchable one and while the plot was far too hackneyed for his style, there was enough in the movie to retain the viewer's interest.

While the movie is now part of Bollywood history, full credit goes to the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo for one of Hindi cinema's enduring musicals. This was after all the period when the music industry was on a downward spiral after Rafi's death and R.D Burman was hitting a steep decline. L-P went on to rule the early 80s and increasing gangster-oriented movies in place of the romances led to the death of Hindi music in that decade.

Familiar story but still a worthy watch.

Had watched it eons(or so it seems!) back! Can't seem to recollect anything other than the bulb scene!! Somehow I feel I would prefer 'Sagar' to this if given a choice in renting!
What a movie and what great acting by Kamal! The scene where Kamal talks hindi in different regional accents is still fresh in my memory. KB did justice to Kamal in thatmovie. You watch Poi and you wonder whats gotten into KB's head these days. I watch movies like EDKL or Naan Avan illai or Bama Vijayam or Unnal mudiyum thambi with nostalgia. That KB is no more.
Anuradha Sriram?
me too,
Only for KB. I always felt the feeling Andavar was not his usual self in this one.

absolutely. Still digging some old KB films.

Me also wondered if it was meant to be Paudwal in the listing. But Sriram was singing in mid-80s concerts so may be possible.
Anuradha Sriram singing in EDKL???
She can't be that old, surely! :)
Highly unlikely it's Anuradha Sriram - maybe a slip of the keyboard ? She must be in her 30s.
I meant, slip of the keyboard of person who wrote the credits which you saw
True TTM, Anu Sriram was humming tunes in the mottai maadi then. She was still M. Anu (M for Mohan) appo.
I got the info from raaga and MIL. Raaga has got all kinds of devotional and film albums from cos. like Inreco, Echo so I assume they might purchased the rights. I will ask my friend who still has a huge collection of HMV originals to check the cassette cover :)
//Tere mere beech mein//

I never seen this movie..but when ever I hear this song duing my skool days amma kitta indha beech enga irukunnu kettu iruken :-)
lol! I was just blank only throughout the song :)
One moment, I'll post mine soon. just wanted to say I love your new site!
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