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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
  Images from Malgudi Days(DVD)
It was around the August of 1986 that Doordarshan started telecasting Malgudi Days - whose stories were taken from Narayan's book with the same title. Every Sunday, The Hindu used to feature in advance the story
slated for the week. It's been a while since the DVD of those episodes have hit the market.

Short story list:
1. A Hero 2. A Horse And Two Goats 3. The Missing Mail 4. The Hoard 5. Cat Within 6. Leela's Friend 7. Old man and the temple 8. The Watchman 9. A Willing Slave 10. Roman Image 11. Sweets for angels 12. Seventh House 13. Nithya

Anyone who has watched the serial or the subsequent telecasts of Narayan's novels (Swami and Friends, The Vendor of Sweets) won't need a review. Anyway, a few snippets from the DVD:

Siddha not only ends up as Man Friday of the home but also Leela's playmate - scenes from Leela's Friend

Left: Das narrates the story of the priest's death to the Talkative Man in the ruined temple Right: 'Krishna Bhattar, Krishna Bhattar!' calls out the Talkative Man but Das does not respond. (From Old man and the temple)

Left: Lakshmi declares she is going to become a doctor. Right: Lakshmi signals to her husband and walks away, not recognising the old watchman who talked her out of suicide a few years ago. Yet another melancholic conclusion by Narayan the extreme sadist. (From The Watchman)

As mentioned in an earlier post, the DVD can be purchased online, it is available in Netflix as well.

The Malgudi Days website has the complete list of stories, with gist and snaps. Now I recollect that the first run of 13 episodes was in '86, 'Swami and Friends' was from Aug-Oct '87 and a third batch of stories came in summer of '88 or '89. The Vendor of Sweets was featured in Home TV or Sony in 1999.

Links to the episode synopses:
Part I
Part II
Wish you a Wonderful New Year!!!

post appurama vandhu padikaren :-)
I feel Narayan should be read only and his characters to remain in our imagination, without being reduced to reality. Here is a sample from Malgudy days:

"The power of his eyes was considerably enhanced by their position, placed as they were between painted forehead and the dark whiskers which streamed down to is cheek". Can a look at the character, enhance the beauty of these words?
Missed couple of ur posts :)
I enjoyed reading ur last post. "Found after.... "
The flow of this post was 2 good :)

Happy new year! :)
How did RKN react to Malgudi days ?
In 'A writer's nightmare' he has a big piece about the Guide disaster. Elsewhere I read he was pretty happy about the Kannada film version of 'the financial expert'.
same to you and i got to do the same thing with ur blog :)

MD Saar,
great to see you online but disappointed about your inactive blog.
It is a pity that novels like Man Eater of Malgudi, The World of Nagaraj were never considered among the non-detailed English curriculum in our schools, they would have been worthy substitutes for the abridged versions of Victorian novels. Those extraordinary works of craftsmanship were dismally ignored.
Yes, we have to put up with RKN's idiosyncrasies just like Kannadasan and TMS.

wish u the same. update soon :)

Yes RKN ranted a lot about Dev Anand's handling of The Guide. From what we saw, a lot of thought went into the settings for Malgudi. Manjunath mentioned RKN's satisfaction with the tele-versions.
Pure Nostalgia ttm. Wish I understood those episodes when they played. I just watched them, because there was nothing else to watch. But on a recent re-run of the Malgudi Days, made sure that I didn't miss it.

Have a great new year ahead.
Agree with mahadevan Sir. Happy New Year to you TTM.
I think I have only watched 'Swami and Friends'! Is it Anu Hasan in one of the pics?

Happy new year to you!
Do you have any idea where this is available in India? I checked in Planet M and Landmark. But no where its there :(

BTW, Happy New Year * :)
This is my active Blogsite.
u know, R K narayanan is very over rated.
Will be more of this hopefully.

me too,
The first batch of Malgudi Days came during a time when the Sunday slot had Appu Aur Pappu, Sherlock Holmes, Khazana, Jayant Kripalani's Discovery of India Quiz show(this was just after the end of Ek Do Teen Char and just before Yatra, the serial on Indian Railways). Ring a bell? No, the cast doesnt list anu hasan.

Not sure what is a good source in the market...but I would recommend you to keep monitoring baazee/ - it was listed there once.

ya ya i know now wonly!
me too, the girl in the middle is Kalpana Prakash, she also acted in The Missing Mail
Malgudi Days still fascinates after all these years. I have yet to see another Indian tele-series that had me so hooked.

I could never rate RKN. I related to him at such a personal level - that he was beyond judgement.
Next post pls ;)

For all the posts.. Some1 shud requst??? :P

Kidding! :)
Was 'Malgudi Days' shown on Sunday mornings/afternoons? I seem to remember watching 'Swami & friends' close to bed time with droopy eyes.
We used to religiously watch 'Ek Do Teen Char', 'Appu aur Pappu' and the like(Do you remember the one about time travel?) without understanding much Hindi!

Kalpana Prakash, eh?
we all related to him at a personal level hence the scathing reviews :)

Time to time remainders looks like Veerappan's amnesty requests :p
me too,
No it was always 9PM. The time travel one, was it Sunday 1230pm Indradhanush -the one featuring 12 y/o Appu, his Time Machine computer Alpha, cook Narasimhan and elder brother Shyam? It was a great one indeed, far ahead of its time and thrilling too.
Ek do teen char(summer 86, rerun spring 89)
Indradhanush(summer 89)
Yessss, Indradhanush it was! Are you sure the elder brother's name was Shyam? I remember his name as Bala (he used to be one of our gang's crush just like Vikram in 'Galatta Kudumbam'!!)
'Shyam' was a guess - I kept thinking that the characters in Indradhanush looked South Indian and had South Indian names, and couldn't remember Appu's brother's name :)

One episode had Bala taken by the Time Machine to 1940s, he buys an entire cart of groundnuts for Rs.2 and informs the folks that Nehru was India's first PM.

Was Anurag in that 11AM high school serial(1990 featuring Anurag/Shehnaz) another crush as well???
Haiyo! Now, which (Anurag)serial was that? But the best was Shekhar Kapoor in Udaan!!!
I remember the girl character Kavitha who featured in Udaan-summer of 1988(recap of Kiran Bedi's story?). Did Shekar Kapur play her dad?

I forgot the name of the serial - Anurag was the protagonist and the stories were about sports, drills, assignments, SPLs in high school. The serial came immediately after 'Shuttle Time with Prakash Padukone', where Prakash used to coach his neighborhood kids every week(My favorite here was 50+ Mr.Afsarin who wanted to learn badminton like the Dabur Chyavanprash Thatha!)
Yes, Kavitha Chaudary, the Surf lady, did the lead character in udaan. ttm, enna aachu onga nyabaga sakthikku? Shekar Kapoor was the hero! jayc1234's comments here about Shekhar Kapoor in Udaan is exactly how it was with us too!!

Before Shekar Kapoor, Anurag seems a blur!!!
me too, regd Hin serials, I saw only those episodes which featured kids or were literary remakes, didnt watch them in full :)
Was that high school name something like "Saras".
Its in my mind somewhere, need to recall.
Hey, Really great work, I would like to join your blog anyway so please continue sharing with us,
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