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Friday, October 27, 2006
It was sad to hear about the passing away of Srividhya. Another to fade into the twilight this year, a few months after Naushad.

Early this April, we had the unexpected news of 'Kondattam' Vaishnavi's suicide. It was pretty unfortunate to read, I recollect the several Sunday evenings early in worklife when my apt-mate and I would wait for the show after the afternoon movie before taking a siesta.

While stress is there in both the celluloid and small screens, interestingly it's women artistes who succumb and not the men. Monal, Viji(happened a few days after I saw her with Vijayakanth in Saatchi) come to mind.

My first glimpse of Sri Vidhya was in the teleserial Galatta Kudumbam in February 1989. That was the beginning of many good serials that characterized '89 - following a dull and dismal batch of serials in '88.

BTW, in the 90s, MLV's protege Sudha Raghunathan used to insert a remembrance ad in The Hindu for her teacher year after year on the last day of October. Now that the E-Hindu is available, can look it up this year to see if the practice has stayed throughout the years.
adhukku munnadi e sri vidya irundhale. galatta kudumbam was good. amaam, how old r u anyway?
tragedy really!
life is never fair.
enakku indha serials, matches, books ellaam parthathu bursts-la thaan, each burst ~ 2-3 yrs. in my late 20s

yes, her demise was just like her mellowed appearances on the screen - unobtrusive yet left an impact :-(
Tht was a very nice post! :)
Keep writing!
I think its the pressure and the failure that drives women of silver screen to commit suicide.

Your point really made me ponder. Is it just the women who are committing suicide? Tried doing a google search on
'suicide rate india gender' and found that the ratio is almost similar.

As I am writing this, I also feel sad about a particular happening in my brothers college. A love struck guy committed suicide after his lady love refused to go out with him. 4 days later she also hanged herself. And all this happened last week.
If you see celebrity suicide rates in the film and tv world, its overwhelmingly in favor(?) of women. Women cant take it being used while men are more inclined to shrug off and get on with life.
Read this article in AV about how 'Chinna Thirai' actresses are unable to cope with stress/fame etc. and how they are manipulated by the big hawks.

Srividya and Revathy as mother-daughter in Suhasini's "Penn" serial is one unforgetable episode!
Me and some of my friends are fans of Vikram since the "Galata kudumbam" days(many others spotted him much later!)!
me too,
Vaishnavi's case was shocking, she was 14/15 when she started playing the anchor. Hard to believe.
I watched some episodes only of Penn..recollect only the Geetha episode. Found it too senti then.
I am not getting a mental picture of Vikram's face, I remember the episode where he walks Srividhya's son home and they high-five. Probably TV was 'grainy' that period
Anyone knows the title of the Sep '90 serial(freedom struggle) which had Pandian, Ezhil, Chokkapan(Nasser) and the infamous Kamal Ghosh?
I, are u sure that was the name? then what was the name of the other DD serial(south Tamil Nadu dialect) on Mondays Feb-Apr 1991?
Karippu Manigal (it even had Senthamarai on it).

Alayosai had Lekha in it. he went on to produce a few programs on metro channel.
Srividya was one of the finest actors from the south. Her portayals in some of the malayalam serials were also equally good. She had a grace, a sort of Vishanath strokes, to be remembered for long time to come.
I, super..thanks!!
[Senthamarai, Vadivukkarasi & co...used to get confused between Senthamarai and Peelisivan!]
On 2nd thots, was it alayosai or maniosai? :)
neither names seem to ring a bell :( Something tells me it's neither of them.

Pandian plays the Gandhian while Ezhil's dad is probably a freedom fighter. Kamal Ghosh is an extremist wanted by the British who takes refuge in Ezhil's home. Ghosh falls for Ezhil but she's already veered towards Pandian(as dummy a role as in Payanangal Mudivathillai). Nazar as the indian Police Chief is looking for Ghosh. Nazar reports to a British Comm of Police, who has a wife called Martina. Nazar is shot in the end trying to quell a riot, but shoots the Police Comm before he dies.

The title name?? :(
(Was followed by Naresh Kumar's Supermen of Soccer at 950 PM)
srividhya suicide pannitaangala?...konja naala sun tv illa naatula enna nadakuthuney theriala...
Off topic(not a comment on this post):
Like this like this one one female giving rules and regulations means what is the meaning??
This is what you said in Anu's blog. You got me for moment. Then I came your blog and realized you are not "English challenged". That comment was hilarious :)
Alaiyosai, Karippu manigal, wow! Your memory!! Which serial was it where a 'Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal' Geeta type girl tries to drown herself in the sea? Raghavendar was the hero, I guess!
me too, I saw only little of PPA when the cable operator telecast a kuppai-printed version few yrs ago. But the drowning incident makes me wonder if you're talking about Akilan's Chiththrappaavai? Did it have Vinu Chakravarthi(Manickam), Vaishnavi(Anandhi) in it?
Chiththrappaavai and Iruvil oru pagal were the bestest of all DD serials IMHO and both need separate chapters to describe.
Yes, 'Chithirapaavai' it is! Aah, the 'DD' only days!!
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