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Friday, October 20, 2006
  Deepavali song
Here comes the traditional Deepavali song, Deepangal ayiram deviyar yetrum deepavali from Marumagale Vazhga(1982).

I first heard/saw it on Chitramala in October 1986 when it was featured as the first song - the picturisation had Suhasini glancing benignly from the first floor at the folks celebrating the festival. The movie ultimately made it to the Madras Doordarshan's Sunday evening slot on 3/27/88. It was one hell of a funny-shit movie - Suha plays a submissive and devout daughter-in-law suffering at the hands of a contentious MIL. Chandrasekar fitted the meek husband to a tee. The cast included Manorama and Sukumari and if I remember right, it was Achi and not the latter who played the villi(only the voice stays in mind, not the face). About a dozen times in the movie, the MIL raises her hand to hit the DIL, who holds out her hand in self-defence, and presto!she turns into a goddess for that fleeting moment, dissuading the villi from striking out! The numerous celestial transformations still do not deter the villi from raising her hand whenever she loses her temper.

In the original movie, you get to learn that it was merely a "dream song", with the MIL rudely poking the DIL out of her reverie!

A few months later, National Network telecast the original movie Sau Din Saas Ke, featuring Raj Babbar and Reena Roy(who was then married to Pak cricketer Mohsin Khan).

A nice melody by Sankar-Ganesh....Happy Deepavali!
Cool. Heard the song for the first time here :) Its good.
lol! Right on, mate.
and iniya deepavali nall vazhthukkal.
Happy Diwali! It's a nice song :)
Thanku for sharing...
At the first only eleven men were present; atthe next, by force of three circulars, twenty-seven; at the third,thanks to two days' cams kostenlos ohne anmeldung canvassing by Auchmuty and myself, begging men tocome, we had sixty.
enna cricket, no clue..
IE crashes everytime I come to your site.
I too remember seeing that song in Chitramala and eventually the movie on a Sunday evening but pray tell me how do you remember that date
Wasn't this song a regular feature in 'OLiyum oliyums' on Fridays closest to Deebavali during the pre cable days?

I almost listed "Pattasa chuttu chuttu podatuma" from 'Poove Poochudava' in my last FM but had to give up as I couldn't come up with any other nice pattasu song.
i, right on what??

deepa, happens to me sometimes..dont know if it's a service pack issue or prob with the template. The movie was telecast on the Sunday before my 6th class annual exam(Mon, Tue being hols) and when we got to school, one smarto said 'Indha technique adi vangarappo miss kitta try panradhukulla school mudinju poachu!' :)

me too, one pattasu song in Ramana but tough to get others i think. I didnt see much Sound&Light and for diwali I think they showed just one diwali song and rest are random...rmbr 'Athai Madi Methai Adi' for '89 diwali.
nice song...aana athu eppo DD la vandhathunnu date kooda nyabagam vechu solreenga....engayooo poiteenga :-)
It's great to see a blog of this quality. I learned a lot of new things and I'm looking forward to see more like this. Thank you.
I have no words to appreciate this post .
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